A gastronomic experience to remember

About us

A new start, a lot of hope and the same team who worked at Via Romana made this new project come true: scabetti.

More than 30 years ago, two young friends were arguing because one of them, even though he loved the spaghetti the other one cooked, he was unable of pronouncing it correctly: "Would you please cook scabetti for lunch, please?" is what he used to ask him.

The name remained hidden, although not forgotten in the cook's mind, waiting for the perfect moment to come. We are here today because that moment has come, we are here so that everybody can enjoy those "Scabetti", as well as the pasta, pizza and all the flavors that our team makes with their passion.

Our goal and honest wish is to turn Scabetti in that place where customers and friends can eat, enjoy and feel at home; and we can promise that we will work more than ever to achieve it. 

Welcome to our home, welcome to scabetti.